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Valgrind 3.3.0: good and bad sides

So, as Albert already blogged Valgrind 3.3.0 was released, with a new Helgrind (mutex analyser), a new massif and some new tools too.

So it’s great, having a new version of such a powerful debugging and analysis tool, is quite nice for developers; it’s also one of my main tools for xine-lib’s testing.

There are, though, some bad news that go with the current release though.

The first problem is that the newly rewritten massif now only outputs a way different information output through a ms_print script; there isn’t a graph image anymore, the only graph is in ASCII-art, and I really fail to interpret it. I hope that in the next weeks someone (maybe me) will write a script that produces the nice graph images for the new massif too.

The second problem is that helgrind doesn’t seem to work properly with xine-lib at least, as it’s stuck after not much time from the start; I’ll have to look deeply into it.

The third, and hopefully last problem, is that valkyrie is not updated since August 2006, so it’s practically impossible that it supports the new options provided by the new memcheck too, while malloc-fill is something I’d very much like to use to check xine-lib.

I’d say we need better valgrind frontends! 🙂

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