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Yes, again nxhtml

At the moment I’m working on some course that I need to teach next January, so I’m not paying enough attention to Gentoo and xine, but as I need to work on PHP and XHTML too, I’m still taking care of nxhtml in my overlay.

Thanks to Lennart Borgmann (nxhtml output), maintianing the ebuild is coming simpler; I’ve actually rewrote most of it to follow the same layout as the zip file.

The new beta (1.04) now requires php-mode 1.4.0-beta, which is also on my overlay, plus find-recursive and snippet, which are also in my overlay.

The result as of today is that the only problem I can see is that indenting doesn’t work correctly, but at least it doesn’t delete lines anymore.

There is also one problem with css-mode because the copy shipped with nxhtml is totally different from the one that is in portage; it seems like there are quite some different css-mode elisp files, they should really be merged.

I’m considering installing some of the utility elisp files that nxhtml ships with with different ebuilds, but I’ve asked the author if he’d release them standalone.

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