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Moving on with the nXhtml packaging

So the author of nXhtml is working toward a 1.04 release, and I decided to start already working on an ebuild with the betas.

This version does change a few things. The most important one is that the support scripts are now released under GPL 2 (or later) license. This solves the main packaging issue I wrote about before when I started packaging nxhtml. Another change is that there are two more Emacs mode included in the package; actually one more mode and a dependency of that one: wikipedia-mode and outline-magic. I wrote ebuilds for both and are now in my overlay (will see to talk to Ulrich to move them to emacs overlay).

I also will have to hack a bit the perl html-wtoc script as it now ships with CSS and templates that I need to relocate; it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The main issue in all this is that the ebuild has to do a lot of manual fiddling, which makes it difficult to bump. I’d really have to find a way to sync with upstream so that the installation is easier. He doesn’t seem to answer to mails but probably received mine before as he fixed the license problem, so I tried contacting him again to see if it’s possible to move the contributed code on a different directory, that way it would be easier to check if stuff is added, and I wouldn’t have to remove it manually every time.

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