Okay I’m in a power outage but…

.. what I’m wondering is why a friend of mine, living two kilometres from me, still has power. Why do I have to stay exactly at the border of one of the worse-served towns in the area?

Anyway, at least today I could sleep as I did shut down the UPSes before going to sleep, so I wake up just one hours (now half an hour) before the (supposedly) outage end.

Oh well, I’ll have some lunch soon, then I have to prepare myself as I have some job meeting today, and then I’ll have to go to my doctor to see if he can change the blood thinner I’m taking to something less.. risky.

Update: it’s 14.14 right now, the outage should have ended at 13:30, so we’re now at 5 hours 44 minute of outage. I wonder how much they can stretch it before I can sue them.

Update 2: it’s 14:24, my mother called the call center of the power company, they were not ready to answer calls about this, the answering machine that usually covers these work in progress was not active, and the operators took ten minutes to answer what the hell was going on. And they say that it will require at least another 30 minutes. This brings us to more than six hours of outage. In winter. With 9°C outside. Now I really start to think about suing them.