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Neptune hates me

Or at least my house. I’m having some plumbing going on in the garden. We decided to replace the wood burning with LPG for the heaters and hot water and so on, so we’re digging the whole garden to put down the tubes.

Yesterday, at 17.30, the power shovel hit one the main T connection supplying water to my house. Luckily it’s a plumber working, or at least that I expected, but he had nothing to repair the hole on the tube they made. They were gone before night, with the hole still wasting water, luckily only a secondary tube was damaged, the T was just stripped up, and could be fixed. My neighboor came home at 19 and found something in his garage to close the hole temporarily. After all we didn’t lose water for too much.

Today at 12.30 the power shovel hit the tube once again, this time right at it, splitting it in two. I’m still without water, because of course the plumber had nothing to repair it with… What the hell!

Fortunately how the dig should be complete today so no more tubes could be broken, at least not outside. They have to change the whole boiler, removing half the tubes in the boiler room, I sincerely hope they won’t destroy the house then, because MY ROOM is above the boiler room.

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  1. Dude – bad electricity company, bad plumbers, bad mail service… you need to move 🙂 Is all Italy like that or just where you live?

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