Books and eBooks

I am, by many definitions, a bookworm. I love reading books. I tend to read every time I have some spare time when I’m not doing anything in particular; I read while I walk around the garden, I read when I’m waiting for someone to come, I read while I wait for someone to arrive, I read when I’m waiting for a store to open, because I arrived earlier and so on. I almost obviously read when I… well when I’m unavailable for most people looking for me.

Only time I was unable to read was while I was at the hospital. While I was able to actually read some comicbooks in the ICU, and I was able to read some joke books hat a friend lent me, I was unable to read a “normal” book, as I was unable to concentrate on words for too long. In that instance I did something slightly unethical, but the situation was exceptional, so I bought a DRM’d audiobook from iTunes.

Said this, I found myself confused when I had to learn about Amazon’s Kindle from Robert Love’s blog. Oh well, I have to thank Love for writing about it, especially since learning this from an actual user rather than an overhyped press material.

At any rate, it seems a nice way to actually get the concept of eBook to something more than a couple of HTML files merged together in some kind of container. It’s too bad that it’s not available in Europe (yet?). I certainly will be looking forward for it. Even if it isn’t cheap, I’m quite sure I could easily cover it after a few months, depending on the selection of books available.

Oh well, returning on normal books, I’m finishing At Risk by Patricia Cornwell, a very intriguing book, although it’s nice to actually switch between John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell, because of their different styles; when you read too much by the same author without switching to something different, it’s easy to get bored by the style (previously I read The Broker – which by the way was two years old standing to amazon just two days ago).

Sometimes I wonder how could I live without books. They fill my world most of the time. Although it’s depressing to think I don’t really know anybody around here who likes reading this much… especially I don’t know any girl who likes to read 😛