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Entertaining the idea of Affero GPL

Not sure if you heard, but Free Software Foundation finalised the text of the new Affero GPL version 3.

It seems a decent idea, an interesting idea, and now that it’s no more GPL-incompatible (at least for GPLv3), it seems even more so.

Why am I thinking about this? Well, I wanted to restart working on gitarella in the next future and then I wondered: what if I relicense it under Affero GPL? Beside the CSS styles that I can mostly replace now, as I rewrote most of the HTML anyway, the Ruby code is all mine, and relicensing is not an issue.

The advantage by changing the license to AGPL3 is that if someone wants to fix or change some behaviour in a production Gitarella server, also has to make available the modification. My suggestion would then be to just put a cloned repository of Gitarella itself available on the page, so that it could be fetched right out of that.

I don’t really think this is too much hassle, and it would probably avoid closed-source derivatives put in production. I certainly don’t like modified code put online without sending patches to authors or at least making them available to users (like I did for my typo 4.0 patches).

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