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What I’d like for my birthday

For once, I’m almost asking for something for my birthday. Almost because I obviously don’t want to force anybody, I do my work as a volunteer and I’m usually glad of doing it. And at the moment I don’t even need hardware to maintain, thanks to the fact that blog site and everything is up in Germany now.

But there is one thing that I’d really like to get one day, and as my birthday is near, I wonder if writing about it might help (or not), at least moving stuff around so that I might be able to afford one in the next weeks.

That thing is the iMac G4, the so-called iLamp. No it’s not that I need a new computer, actually, I’d need to move out some of the computers here, as I’m probably going to have to change the furniture of my office in the next months, too, this is why I wanted to move out the blog, as the boxes here would probably be disconnected for some time. I just always liked the design.

Now if someone knows where to find one iLamp at a decent price, that’s something I’d really much like to know 🙂

I intend trying to get one iLamp for me in the future, Tuesday I have a job interview, hopefully that will allow me to afford one iLamp in the months to come. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m still building the packages to test for libpcre’s cxx USE flag…

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