And still VirtualBox does not allow to run Solaris with networking

I tried again, just to test, even if I knew it was unlikely, and even if I certainly don’t enjoy working on Solaris (well, not like I tried before, but whatever). The result is just the same: Solaris cannot get the network interface working.

I have to say, though, that there is something new in Solaris Express Developer Edition 09/7: the Developer version has a new installer that seems to be in GTK rather than Java, it also seems quite faster, but… it didn’t work for me. If I filled in the user information to create a ‘flame’ user, the result was that the shadow file couldn’t be opened, without that, it stalled after a couple of minutes reporting a failure in installation process.

The old installer of the non-Developer edition, in Java, is still slow as hell, especially to install the packages, but it worked quite fine. Although I still think that asking more than 8GB for the system is way too much: a server chroot of Gentoo takes up about half a gigabyte.

Anyway this does mean that I can’t test xine-lib-1.2-ac on Solaris yet, and thus I cannot merge it on main branch yet. This is good news for Amarok users as once the branches are merged Amarok 1.4 will stop working, unless I can force someone from the Amarok team to focus a bit on that xine branch 😉