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Today is my day off

I need to recharge my batteries so today I decided to take a day off. This does not mean I’ll sleep all day long (I don’t think I would like that either, after the hospital, I find staying on a bed doing nothing is quite boring, although I stayed on the bad many times to write a blog entry, and I’m on the bed right now too).

Today, rather than turning on Enterprise, syncing, updating and checking what has to be updated, and then look at xine stuff, I’ll pass the day reading, playing Age of Empires II, studying Emacs LISP, and listening to the Scheme lessons in podcast form.

I’ll probably also write some more blog entries, I do have a lot of things to write of, I always get ideas and then forget them after a while, too bad I can’t register “captain’s logs” just asking the computer to listen to me (how much time would we have to wait for that?).

Some of the things are technical, some are not, some might be related to my current paranoid state after the hospital and what I had. Just to give you a preview, I’m scared, literally scared of death because I’m afraid that what I had could repeat itself, and I wouldn’t be that lucky.

Anyway, time to start my day off by… playing first 🙂

[Oh and okay, I might still answer emails, even with some delay due to playing/studying ELISP/listening to podcasts and so on…]

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