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Getting Kyocera Mita OS X 10.4 drivers work with 10.5 (Leopard)

Just a quick note if there are other Mac OS X Leopard users out there with Kyocera Mita printers: the installer installs the PPD files with a different strategy than what 10.5 expects, as the language subdirectories aren’t present now by default, and the installer creates them without permissions to execute (enter) them.

The easy fix is to open a terminal and run this command:

chmod +x /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/*.lproj

This now allows the setup utility to detect the PPDs again, and fixed the problem for me.

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  1. thanks a lot for the hint. i found your blog via google. works perfect. greetings from germany

  2. I’ve found that the existing Gutenprint Kyocera drivers seem to work fine without using the 10.4 drivers at all, actually. If there’s a feature that they don’t support that makes the 10.4 driver beneficial, I’d like to know what I’m missing out on. 🙂

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