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Changes coming for shadow’s PAM support

So, you might or might not have noticed that with the PAM 0.99 update, the configuration files installed by sys-apps/shadow causes some noise on the log with some parameters being in the wrong place or not being recognised at all.

First of all don’t worry. They are just warnings, everything is working fine. The worse thing you get is that the log is noisy by no good reason, which might be a problem for mission critical systems, but those admins usually knows how to deal with that, don’t they?

Anyway, while I left shadow untouched, I decided to fix the problem for that should hit ~arch soon. This version now depends on Linux-PAM 0.99, to simplify the ebuild code (remember: PAM is more or less just myself, so if I find something unreasonably complex, I might just simplify it to make my own life easier); the virtual/pam dependency it had before was bogus anyway, as shadow can’t build with OpenPAM (it uses libpam_misc).

Now I suppose you can use this blog post to inform people who rants on the forums about pam_tally being noisy that we do know about it and we’re working on it.

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