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A sad day for my pokémons…

So okay, I do like playing with Pokémon games, now feel free to laugh at me.

I was playing Pokémon Diamond for about a couple of weeks when I ended up in the hospital, and one of the things I missed while I was there was the Nintendo DS to complete the usual first quest of beating the eight gym leaders plus the five of the league.

So to cut it short, yesterday I completed the Sinnoh Pokédex challenge, and today I was looking forward to import my previous Pokémons from the Pokémon Sapphire GBA cartridge I played waiting for Diamond to be released in Europe and…

… well, I couldn’t find the menu to import the Pokémons!

I ended up googling desperately, and it seems that Pokémon Diamond & Pearl only recognise the GBA cartridges of the same language. The problem is that I bought Pokémon Sapphire here in Italy together with the Nintendo DS (to have something to play), while further games, included Pokémon Diamond, I bought from Amazon UK, where the games cost a little less than here in Italy.

So I can’t use the special features designed for the “hardcore” players having both games… even if I do have them. /me hates on Nintendo for this.

Now I wonder, if most of the games I’ll likely buy off Amazon, where the hell should I buy a console, if I ever buy one?

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