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Patches for typo

I finally decided myself to publish the patches I’m currently applying to Typo to get it to work somehow better than what you get out of the Subversion repository:

  • Fix the removal of pages from the admin interface: admin-pages-destroy-fix.patch.
  • Fix the generation of Google sitemaps, in particular the categories’ pages generated the wrong tag, creating an error in Google Sitemaps: googlesitemap-fixcategories.patch.
  • Add a link for the comments to the RSS 2.0 feed, this allows to show the “Leave a comment” link on Planet Gentoo: rss20-linkcomments.patch.

Hope they can be useful to others too!

Update 2009-09-18: obviously these patches are not useful any longer (nor they are available); on the other hand if you wanted to see what I’m running here, my modified branch is available.

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