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Nostalgia of old games?

I’m not sure why this happens, if it’s something that comes with age or if it’s the time spent n the hospital trying to remember happier times of my life (times when I didn’t have pressure to find a job, when I could be less responsible for how I spent my time, when I thought that life was quite long already – now I have doubts about that: even counting out the bus factor as I don’t get around much especially walking, you do not need a bus for the worst to come), but I became nostalgic of old games.

Nostalgic to the point that last month, after coming out of the hospital, and quite bored as I couldn’t do anything (my office was and is used as a storage, even if I’m trying to clean it up now, so I couldn’t get it, especially when I was still weak; my room wasn’t even ready yet, and I was passing the days laying on the bed, with the laptop), I ended up ordering a copy of Age of Empires II for Mac – okay I admit that the fault was also partially on the university text a friend of mine asked me to translate in her stead, as she wasn’t really able to understand it in English; if you want to know it talked about trading in Venice between fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Now after understanding that I played way too much Age of Empires II when I was younger, as well as other RTS, to the point that even setting the difficulty to high doesn’t really give me a challenge after I use the few tricks I have up my sleeve, I started feeling nostalgic of Caesar III and Pharaoh (okay two games that could as well have been just one: the gameplay and the engine are almost identical, but they both were enjoyable nevertheless). Although a Mac version for Caesar III seems to have been developed, I doubt it would run on a modern system, even Age of Empires II seems to fight with Rosetta sometimes.

Now I’m wondering whether those two games works under Wine; if they do, I might be able to find them on eBay as budget games, or in some vintage games reseller somewhere 😉 I actually think I know a web shop in Italy that might carry them, even if they are quite old. Considering their age, they are probably about at €10 nowadays (okay I know that for American people that seems like a huge sum..), I might get an advance on the work I’m currently doing and feed my nostalgia, trying to stop it from making me melancholic.

Anyway, if anybody here has tried Caesar III or Pharaoh recently with Wine, please let me know if they work well 🙂

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  1. i thought you were talking about games from dos or 8bit era.i usually play startopia now and then. that’s one of the best strategy games out there.

  2. Heh, I recently rediscovered things like Pirates, UFO and Battle Isle – those are *old* 😉

  3. Nah, those aren’t *old*, those are *classics* ;)And yeah it’s helluva lot of time since I last played UFO.. but last time I tried to find the old floppies of my DOS games, I found half of them ruined :(I’d certainly play Indiana Jones graphic adventures gladly, but can’t find those disks at all (well, the first time I played Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it was on 5″¼ disks).

  4. Old DOS games can often be found at abandonware sites. (X-COM: TFDT, for example, is easy to find.) The legality may be questionable, but since the company has died …Ah, the classics. I play above-mentioned game, The Incredible Machine and the original X-Wing in Dosbox and many LucasArts adventures in SCUMM-VM. I’ve got an old collector’s CD-ROM containing all the adventures. In some cases (Day of the Tentacle and Sam’n’Max) even with full speech.

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