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Status report on Enterprise and my wiring trouble

Okay, first of all, I have to say that my health is getting better, I started eating a bit more, and my fever is almost gone, with the flu. I started doing more “stuff”, which also means a bit more exercise, and this is activating my body way more than any medicine could. I still have my medicines to take, but the routine is taking care of that, and my INR value seems to be stable by taking half a dose of Coumadin (Warfarin) a day.

For what concerns Enterprise’s disks, I was able to go picking them up this morning, they are now installed on the VIA controller on Enterprise; the first one already passed SeaTools test, and the second one is under exam now (I always test new disks with at least something, to make sure they are not broken to begin with). Then I’ll have to choose how to install Gentoo… Sorry Andrew, but I won’t use GLI 😉 I’m old school and I want to proceed with the stage. I don’t even want to download a new ISO, so I’ll probably just use 2006.1 minimal disk to proceed, if it has SSH that is.

I won’t be able to be at Enterprise’s console for long periods of time because my office will remain storage area probably for a long time still, but at least since next Tuesday, when I’ll have my room back, I think I can free some space up to allow me testing on console what needs to be tested in console.

My wiring trouble is, instead, virtually finished! Got some trouble with the fishhook today to pass the satellite cable for the aerial of my room, but thanks to the neighbour it’s settled now, I haven’t connected it to the splitter yet, but I can do that when I have more time.

The last of the wall sockets was mounted today, and now I have five fantastic outlets with blue metal frames… I love them. Thanks Vimar for such beautiful electric pieces, not like what I see in most American movies.

So okay, now I’m tired, very very tired, so I’ll just lay down and wait to have a shower before eating and sleeping.

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  1. All our installation media and stages have sshd available; they have for some years, possibly for as long as we’ve been releasing Gentoo. :)Have fun. I love the manual installs, too!

  2. Yeah before now I never had to use sshd during install phase, as I usually installed from my office directly, so I wasn’t sure of that :)Unfortunately my install plans got postponed till I replace the (new) faulty disk.

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