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Cabling new outlets

So, if you read about it previously, my room is still not ready, and I’m still “living” in the half storage room, half bedroom that was my mother’s room before.

Today, I was going to work on starting cabling for the new outlets, that are all new and shiny Vimar Idea sockets (if you don’t know the brand, it’s one of the two major brands of electrical sockets and material in Italy, my favourite because bticino, the other one, is quite more expensive). Unfortunately, for some strange reasons, two outlets at the side of a 3 metres wall require more than 5 metres of cable. Now, needing more than 5 metres of cable, I can’t use my 5 metres probe (not sure if it’s called this way in English, it’s a flexible plastic “cable”, with metal start and end, used to inspect cable tubes and to carry cables between them), as I wouldn’t have the start available when the end was going to enter. The only other probe I have at home is 20 metres, which is quite useful, but makes it very hard to pass a cable, as you have to first remove almost all of the 20 metres and then attach the cables to drive.

Well, my luck is not around me right now, as after passing the 20 metres, attaching the cables, and start driving them… they detached! And of course I couldn’t just push back the probe, I’ll have to put it back from start and try again. The problem seems to be an L shaped curve in the tube, that makes it quite hard to put new cables back in, after I removed the previous ones (which were old and I wouldn’t have trusted so much).

Wish me good luck, a job that I would have completed usually in a couple of hours is going to prove quite longer.

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  1. For the tool you’re referring to, I’ve always heard it called a ‘fish hook’; no clue if that’s the proper name, but a pretty common label for it via a couple of construction folk I knew a while back.Either way, hated threading cable through walls, massive PITA 😉

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