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Restructuring my room

It might not be clear, but even though I’m at home, I’m still limited to work from the MacBookPro, without Enterprise and without any test system. Why this? Well, there is still the problem of the hard drives, and then there are more problems.

The hard drive problem can be resolved quite easily, now that is basically October, the disks are available at my usual store, and I can just order two 320 GB disks for € 164 (and thanks to the people who donated, this isn’t a task as heavy as it would have been before).

The rest of problems are due to my sisters wanting to restructure my room. While I was in the ICU, I was tormented by the special mattress they use to avoid sores, and I asked them to buy me a new bed before I came home. Instead, they decided to buy me new furniture for the whole room; and paint it. At this point, I also wanted to change all the electrical plugs as the ones that are up now are… old and rusty, literally sometimes.

So in this moment my room is empty, totally empty; it was painted, and I’ll have to change the plugs this week, and on October 9th the new furniture will arrive, but before that… my stuff is sparse around the house and I’m sleeping (and living) in my mother’s room, on her bed, while she is on a temporary bed brought by a friend of her.

Even my office is full of stuff in cardboard boxes, which makes difficult to take Enterprise to put the new disks in it, and it’s even more difficult to give me a terminal, as the chair is full of stuff too, and there is no space for me to sit.

Anyway, this means that about after October 10th I should start coming back on track…

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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only member of the community wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. I have my fingers crossed your doctor will decide further surgery is unnecessary.Take it easy.All the best, Steve.

  2. All the best! I’m one of your ‘invisible fans’, reading your blog and enjoying the fruits of your work.

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