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I feel better, but…

So, my health is improving; the cysts created by the pancreatitis are now frozen, and should start reabsorb themselves in the next months; if they don’t, they’ll have to operate on me to remove them, in three months. The HIT effects are still blowing my system, so I’ll have to take an anti-coagulant medication (Coumarin/Warfarin) for the next three months.

If all goes well, and my coagulation value enters the range in the expected time, I’ll be home by next Tuesday or Wednesday. The problem is keeping up with the new room disposition: they put me together with a middle-age man that smells like a goat, and an old man, that I’m not sure if he even gets up to go to the toilette.

And if the chief nurse of the unit bitches every time my mother stays here to cover for me, I have now two beds (the old man, and a young one) having more than one people around for assistance, and the ones for the old man are quite noisy and talking about anything but his status.

Luckily I’ll be home soon, I’ll be home very soon, but will look like very long at this point.

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