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My faith in doctors starts to fade

Okay, so officially it seems like my fever was caused by the CVC, and now I just need to wait for the cultures to find out what exactly I was/am infected with.

But… only the doctor who started following me, and the doctor responsible for the ICU, initially agreed that the problem was the CVC, and without the intervention of the latter (the former wasn’t in charge that day), they removed my CVC, last Friday, after two days of fever and shaking; the day after, telling about the two days of fever to another doctor of the ICU I became friend with, he just asked me if I had shakings, and on that basis, he was sure it was the CVC. This meant for me that three doctors agreed on that diagnosis, and I was reassured of their capabilities.

Today, when the doctors visited, there was none of them, but there was the female doctor who visited me for the two days I had the fever though, and they discussed of waiting the results of the cultures to see what I had; jokingly I said «At least I feel reassured after three doctors agreed on the CVC being the cause», to which one doctor (luckily for her not the female doctor) replied «Well, here you got four more doctors agreeing on that». I wanted to slap him, and the female doctor too; it’s too easy to agree after someone else diagnosed the problem, correctly (because I stopped shaking and the fever limited itself), and took the responsibility of taking action.

What else can I say? I think this episode speaks for himself.

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  1. This is medicine… not computers 😛 Sometimes I think that doctors save live for pure luck :PGlad to read you are better with your feber 😉

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