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New health status update

For who’s wondering how I feel, well, I don’t feel that well today: last afternoon I got some nasty fever, 38C, and today it got up to 39C. They got me some medicine for fever and it was managed, but now it’s time to find out what the problem is.

They don’t seem to think the problem is again the pancreas; two doctors are ready to bet on the CVC I kept for almost a month, so they removed it and put me under a standard needle on the arm, which limits my movements quite a bit, but at least works.

Somehow, I’m even able to type at the laptop, which is good for my morale at least. (And saying morale, I feel like playing Settlers again). Also for morale, I bought myself the new iPod Classic, at least I can listen to music and audiobooks without having to borrow a friend’s one.

Anyway, I start to feel better, even if today I threw up the little lunch I had, probably because of the fever or because of tension due to the fever. I hope to eat normally tonight.

Two days ago they told me they expected to release me next week, but at this point, I expect they’ll keep me under observation for some extra time, unless they can certainly exclude that the fever is related to my pancreatitis.

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  1. Hey Diego, I’m sorry to read about your relapse. I hope you start feeling better soon. Be strong and hang in there. (-:

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