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Some more details on my health

So for those of you curious to know how I feel, well, I feel better.

Today I was finally able to walk by myself, as I’m no more tied to the insulin pump. My blood sugar level is still high, so I’ll have to take insulin injection to avoid having a crisis, but at least they could take me off the continuous stream, my pancreas is reacting somehow. This says very little about my chances of becoming diabetic though, as that is yet to see.

I’ll have at least one or two more weeks to pass here, depending on my reactions to the treatments, even if my doctor wants to move me to oral treatments as soon as possible (even if the antibiotic will most certainly have the nastiest of the tastes, with a CVC I already feel the taste of everything they put through my body when they do, so it can’t feel worse.

What shook me up a bit was finding out the extent of my Heparin intolerance: Heparin is in a lot of products, and my body was able to produce antibodies for it, which put me through the exact risk of blood clot that the Heparin was supposed to save me from. Luckily, everything is fine now, and they found a different medicine to give me as anticoagulant. (It was so new for the hospital I’m in, that they only had a sample available, so they used that one and urgently ordered a supply).

I need to ask the doctor if the intolerance is temporary or permanent; if permanent, I wonder what could I do to make sure that if they ever hospitalise me again they don’t try Heparin first. Maybe a military–stile tag with an international mark for healthcare (I would have used the Caduceus, but Wikipedia suggests it’s a mistake to consider that a medical symbol) on one side, and on the other something along the lines of “I’m intolerant to Heparin, don’t try to use that on me.”.

Anyway, I made some important steps forward in the past days, and that is good.

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  1. Glad to hear that you’re doing better, it’s good to see you post somewhat regularly again 🙂

  2. Good to read you are better. I think there are small cart to put in your walled with information about your intolerance and I saw some bracelet too.

  3. On having an information device for alerting healthcare professionals to specific conditions, the English-centric world has these:…I don’t know the concept never spread beyond that.

  4. Just stopped to say hi! and wish you the best for your health. Big hug for you.

  5. I was quite glad to see my feed for your blog show some activity! I’d been wondering what was going on, as the comments to your previous post stopped getting updates.I’m glad that you’re getting to be out and about on your own and that you’re making a recovery. About the Caduceus…try the Rod of Asclepius instead?…I think having the words NO HEPARIN would be enough to make it pretty clear what is meant, regardless of what language is spoken (“no” is pretty well understood, I think, among speakers of the various Western languages at least).

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