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Forms, and forms and forms

So I’m still doing data entry. A job that would have taken me just last week if everything was fine is now taking this week too. First there were problems with the original task, now when I was just down to 100 forms to process, I got the order to pass the previously discarded forms to re-enter the ones that were discarded for missing company. This doubles the work I still have to complete.

This means that PAM documentation and other stuff will have to wait till this week end most likely. I also need to update Enterprise, it has been more than a week since I last updated it.

I have to say, if you think that a lot of opensource software is half-assed, you have to see the kind of software I’m working with at the moment: it’s a production webapp, but it still gets changes to “fix” stuff, which causes errors to the operators working with it, and then puts it offline from time to time.

By the way, I want to thank Daniel Cater for his donation (I left this on my TODO list up to now mostly because I wanted to make a post to specifically thank him, but with the current rate of data entry it makes difficult to write on-topic blog posts).

Hope to get back soon!

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