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One week break

As I’m feeling like I could end burning out again if I continue with my current trend, I decided to take a week to cool off (as much as you can cool off with days reaching 31 degrees). I won’t turn up on IRC, I will most likely not be available to IM, and I’ll read my mail just a couple of times a day.

The PAM documentation and eventual PAM fixes will be postponed till next Monday, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. If there will be urgent fixes to apply I’ll of course come back ASAP.

I really feel like I need to relax a bit, watch some movies, read some books, to return working on PAM next week with renewed energy. I’ll use this and eventual future breaks to vent away the stress I accumulate through PAM; if you’d like PAM plans to be enacted more quickly, either step up, or feel free to send me bribes.. a DVD is just €10 most of the time, so.. 😉 Just kidding, I’ll still do my best to take care of PAM at my best, although indeed donations at the moment would be quite appreciated, considering the networking trouble I’m having.

Anyway, be back next week!

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  1. Man, I’d love it if it were just 31 F31 C, or 31 K, on the other hand, aren’t that comfortable. Have fun with the relaxing.

  2. I forgot that there are people not using celsius 😛 Of course I meant 31C, which aren’t that good as you said 🙂

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