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Package moves

This is just a service notice for all the Gentoo (and in particular Gentoo/FreeBSD) users: app-arch/bsdtar is no more, it has been moved to app-arch/libarchive. This because of the plans found in the FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report for libarchive: Tim is working on a cpio implementation using libarchive; as I suppose he’ll put it directly in libarchive, having it named bsdtar would be a mistake.

As a vulnerability was present in previous bsdtar/libarchive versions, and thus a GLSA is going to be issued soon, DerCorny suggested to make the move now rather than in a short future, so that the GLSA would remain valid, so there you co, the move has been done.

Now, there is but one problem with libarchive 2.2: it fails to extract some tarballs that have strange groups set and setgid settings. This is the case for both slashem and git’s git-manpage tarballs in Portage. I discussed this with Tim some time ago, but he’s quite busy so he didn’t work on it yet, but yesterday by looking around a bit for the vulnerability I found myself thinking of a possible solution. In my overlay you can find a 2.2.4-r1 candidate, although the patch makes the testsuite fail (I’m still working on it).

It shouldn’t be much of a problem to fix it in the next days, and it will certainly be a welcome break from PAM work 🙂

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