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Realtime guide and some PAM updates

So, I finally got the realtime guide written down as a final draft; it lists two not-yet-committed versions of realtime-lsm and pulseaudio, mostly because I wanted to commit those at the same time as I go public with the new guide (right now as I said it’s a final draft, even if you can find it, it doesn’t mean you can actually follow it.. partly). Tomorrow the two versions will be committed and the guide will get final status.

The realtime guide will show a simple method to get realtime support, without any extra software: set up PAM correctly; no realtime-sources, no realtime-lsm, nothing but simple PAM itself. Nice eh?

Talking about PAM, seems like nobody took my place since I left. With all my frankness, in all these months there has been near-infinite discussions about proctors, the Code of Conduct and all the rest.. and nobody in the whole developers’ pool cared enough to take over a “marginal” package like… the default authentication facility for the distribution?

If you know me you already know what I’ve done today… I added myself back to pam-bugs alias (not sure if I was ever removed from herd listing, should check that out to add myself back), and started taking care of a nasty bug with some pam.d files that were skipping over modules like pam_nologin.

You’re recommended to update shadow as soon as it’s available for your distribution and run etc-update accepting the proposed changes to pam.d/login, unless you modified it yourself, for your own safety!

More packages will have to be committed tomorrow but the main ones are fixed already so it should not be a problem, for now.

Starting tomorrow I’ll also see to start writing some (a lot of) documentation about PAM; there are at least three views I have to take into consideration: PAM maintainer, generic ebuild developer, and user. They all contain a lot of things that has to be said and well-documented, I hope to be able to cover everything in a few guidexml pages. I already wrote something before for the devmanual, but it’s probably outdated, and I find myself more comfortable with writing separated guides, all together they provide quite some information anyway (see the various autotools guides I wrote that are sparse everywhere).

Now I’ll see to relax myself, and sleep, tomorrow I’ll have my share to do as I said.

I’m also considering about making a new order to Amazon JP… I want to buy the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu CDs! Unfortunately not having a job right now makes it a bit difficult :/

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