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Refreshing break

I took a few days of break in the past days, if you haven’t noticed. This was mostly due to a shift in my own biorhythm after a little midsummer celebration, and then the need to be awake for a support call I got last Tuesday.

I’ve spent the last few days sleeping, watching anime and TV series in my room, or playing Yu-Gi-Oh Championship on my Nintendo DS (and I’m becoming almost decent to it! Beside, I’m surprised that no one reading this blog also plays with it.. well if there is someone, might be worth to try a challenge someday, eh?). Today, I’ll try to do something more productive.

I’ve also started looking at lilypond seriously, especially since copying scores with Rosegarden or KNoteEdit is obnoxious; the syntax is not bad, although it uses a different notes notation than the one I’m used to since school days (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si), but I can survive. It actually helps me to find myself comfortable with the C D E F G A B notation, as the keyboard has those printed on it, rather than the usual ones.

Lilypond to me is useful because a lot of public domain music scores you find on pages like International Music Score Library Project are scans from books, which sometimes aren’t really clear to read, at least to me (for instance in a copy of Für Elise found on that site, I wasn’t able to discern between ♯ and ♮); if I copy the score into lilypond, I can do a first read of the whole score, get myself accustomed with all the annotations, and with the notes to read.

Anyway back to work now! Jack has to be updated.

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  1. If you need help with notation or somethin’ related, send me a mail.Regardsdav

  2. Lilypond has a German language file that makes it use German note names (basically, H instead of B and B instead of Bb). I’m sure it’s got an Italian one, too.Checking … yes. Just add this at the top of your file:include “

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