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JACK and proaudio software in Portage

In my previous developer’s life on Gentoo, I usually tried to stay as away as I could from JACK and in general from professional audio software; I never used that software, so I didn’t want to mess with it as I couldn’t understand the needs.

In the last few weeks though I had the need to install JACK (mostly to get xine-lib output updated to the new API in 1.2-ac branch, but also for a different thing, but that I’ll talk about in another moment), so I’ve started digging into it.

Unfortunately it seems like the package in Gentoo isn’t really maintained, so I’ve now sent a mail to Eldad to see if he’s still around. So I’ve started to wonder, how much proaudio software currently in Portage needs love? Did the proaudio project Alexis started to work on disappear? Are we in real need of new developers?

I can’t really answer most of these question, but I can tell that I’ll try to fix stuff as I come to look into it, wherever possible… yes I know I said I wanted to keep a low profile, but I don’t want be like a snake, crawling on the floor.. low does not mean zero.

I’m actually planning on doing more documentation work this time around, rather than only ebuilds work; the documentation is lately a bit missing, and often gentoo-wiki is way too outdated to be useful at all.

Do you think this would be useful? Comments are appreciated.

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  1. Really I don’t use proaudio software, but I agree with the second claim. Information in gentoo-wiki y too old sometimes (and when it actualized is a real mesh with the no actualized info :S )

  2. Yes I know of the pro-audio overlay, but “as I wrote already”:… I’m not a big fan of overlays as permanent solutions, so I’d like to get the Portage versions in sync, step by step.

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