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A possible solution out of Farragut’s trouble

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Yesterday I tried to fix a few of the issues with ~sparc-fbsd lagging behind (expected, considering that only me and Roy are handling it); unfortunately the PSU seems to be running quite hot, so when I started it again today to try a patch Ulrich gave me to try fixing emacs-cvs-23, it started making bad smell.

So a possible solution out of this mess for me would be to take Klothos to an undefined break, taking out its Promise SATA controller and putting it into Farragut, so I can connect the 160GB SATA spare drive I have; I actually need a noise dampener, but those are cheap, and I’ll make an order for them soon anyway.

For Klothos to come back up, I’ll have to wait so I can buy a new PSU for it, with active PFC and possibly less noisy.. not sure how much time will that take. In the mean time Roy (who’s currently on his honeymoon) is the only reference for ~sparc-fbsd keywording.

Anyway for those interested, yesterday it was quite a spree of keywording for ~x86-fbsd and somewhat for ~sparc-fbsd (fixed the most prominent problems with the latter, not everything though 🙁 ).

Today I should probably update the Amarok’s maintainer guide, since although nothing changed since I left till I returned, I changed some stuff myself already (and that’s why the live version is now 9999-r2), and on that note I should test PyQt on G/FBSD to fix the new .badindev on Amarok.

So much stuff to do! And this is just a fraction of what I used to do, by the way.

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  1. flame sono freaks. Salutami exg et similia e tutti gli altri uomini di #gentoo-it. Ho avuto molti problemi in questo periodo ma spero di potervi venire a trovare presto. Se leggi rispondi.Cheers

  2. Yo freaks, ho visto il commento ieri sera ma dal cellulare non posso commentare.Spero che i tuoi problemi si stiano risolvendo, ti aspettiamo 🙂

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