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On adding new tools

Please excuse the mistakes I’m most likely going to make while writing this entry, it’s 9 AM and I didn’t sleep a single minute tonight.

Now that I’m back on track as a Gentoo developer, I decided it’s a good time to start moving out a few things that are currently on my overlay to join the big public Portage tree. Why? Well, there are a few tools that might come handy to a few people, like pahole (now dwarves), vbindiff and picocom. I used to use these tools for either my last paid job or for xine-lib development, they are mostly development tools (beside picocom that is an even lighter serial terminal emulator than minicom, quite nice to integrate with Konsole directly without using Serielle, if you want).

So this morning I decided to go with the first one: Arnaldo released last month the 1.0 version of the dwarves package (where pahole is), that is now committed in main tree as dev-util/dwarves; if you don’t know pahole, it’s a tool to inspect the effective representation of structures in a compiled program, highlighting the padding holes, so that they can be filled in by reordering the fields.

Probably later I’ll look to merge in vbindiff or picocom; there are also a few patched ebuilds that needs to be merged, thanks to mcummings (and cartman from Pardus) at least dev-perl/Compress-Zlib-Raw is done 🙂 And thanks to Luca, also libtheora is patched not to cause memory corruption and crashes in xine-lib with some FSF videos.

Guys I hate the heat of this season!

Edit: I didn’t notice it before, picocom is already in the tree, Vapier added it about around the time I added it to my overlay, oh well, one less package to take care of then 🙂

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  1.…“I am taking care of Gentoo/FreeBSD, as a mere dev, and I might take care of KDE further on, after I’m done with my share of work on G/FBSD, but that’s probably it.”Oh yeah. Seems you grew really bored 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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