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Shedding a light on my return

I didn’t really want to write this entry, but I got this asked a few times, and I avoided answering at all for a few days now, so it’s best to say it here and be done with it 🙂

When I left, I hoped for some change in Gentoo; and even if I didn’t like the whole mess created by Distrowatch and Slashdot, I suppose also that helped to have some feedback; I’m not saying that the situation became a paradise and is now perfect, but at least the idea that “all is fine and nice” was superseded by a “something has to be done”.

But this has very little to do with my return; I returned because I was, mostly, bored. I was bored of not being able to push my fixes, to help other people with their issues, and so on.

I took my time, relaxed a bit, and now I’m back.. with a lower profile than before. I won’t take over what I used to maintain before; I won’t take over ALSA in particular, nor I’m currently touching KDE. I am taking care of Gentoo/FreeBSD, as a mere dev, and I might take care of KDE further on, after I’m done with my share of work on G/FBSD, but that’s probably it.

One of the problems here is that the PSU I ordered for Klothos is not available, so I can’t access sparc-fbsd during the summer (the PSU needed is an ATX server model with straight-through air flow, as the pizzabox of the Ultra5 does not allow the large side of PSUs to be used for the ventilation). I asked the retailer to send me a fan and two hard disk coolers instead (as the HDs in Enterprise are currently running at 46 and 48 Celsius respectively).

I’m still working on the elf parser, but I’m trying to find an elegant and easy way to handle resolving the dynamic section’s entries value to a human-readable value, which is needed for my rdep-checking tool, to avoid having to copy the same code over and over and over again.

Anyway, I’m currently working on cleaning up my room, so you won’t likely see many changes by me today, something tomorrow is more probable. Maybe I’ll write a new blog post later on today though, as Caster gave me a few thoughts on my DVD writer.

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  1. Regardless of Gentoo dev politics (and I really hope that is done and gone), realize that you are indeed appreciated by users. Thank you for all your contributions!

  2. Welcome back :)For once I feel that things might become fine once again in Gentoo land. I really wish that you start maintaining KDE again. That would be a dream come true 😀

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