Just a few little updates

I hate Summer and the heat; I’m still waiting the new PSUs to replace the old ones, and in the mean time I’m cooking myself.

I’ve prepared a new patch for OpenJDK to allow using -z defs on every platform, this way I can test more safely the future patches.

I have improved my elf parser to parse the .dynamic section, allowing me to get the sonames and the needed libraries for an ELF file; this is the base for the design of a new tool, that checks an elf file for really needed dependency, to be able to get the needed packages without needing to have the package built with --as-needed (the script will check the undefined symbols in the elf file and then check which of the dependencies stated in the NEEDED entries are actually needed); and to be a bit safer, it will also check if the ELF file uses symbols that might indicate runtime dependencies not otherwise identified (dlopen(), exec*(), system()), and give out a warning in case.

Also, I’ve resumed a bit of work on Gitarella and replaced the Log4r usage with Ruby’s Logger class, cutting down a dependency. I think I’ll do a similar thing with popt on Unieject, especially after what Emanuele told me about the way popt is distributed from upstream at the moment; I’ll probably work on a new release of Unieject with that and finally support for Mac OS X (thanks to Matt Messier who’s helping with xine-lib on OS X, I now have a pointer on how to implement eject with OS X).

Oh and one thing leading to another, I rejoined Gentoo today.