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Update on usb.ids

I already wrote before about my intention of taking over usb.ids, and I’ve uploaded a copy of a modified one at Today I updated it with two entries sent to me by Waldemar de Laurent and Sebastian Siewior. Remember that if you have any USB device that is not detected by my usb.ids (and thus even by the official one) you’re very welcome to send to the USB IDs for it.

I also added a lot of EPSON scanners, fixing a few entries that have the same IDs pair for multiple models (because of different options). The entries are taken by the udev rules file in media-gfx/iscan package (that is listed by EPSON itself).

I think there are other similar files out there I should be looking at to update usb.ids with newer values; sigh.

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  1. Why don’t you ask to the maintainer of pciids to merge the two projects? pciids has an handy web interface to update and manage entries. That could help usbids too.

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