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usb.ids, is it still maintained?

Classically, usb.ids file can be found at; unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any more updates after last December. I sent to Vojtech a few patches to add the devices I have here at home, but I didn’t get an answer (I know Vojtech usually answers in a day or two).

Since I hate seeing stuff getting obsoleted so easily, I’ve decided to add a bunch of devices to usb.ids, fix an entry (the one for APC UPSes, as now I have two of them to cope with), and maintain my own copy of usb.ids.

Most of the devices I’ve added are things that I have here at home, but they are not limited to, I’ve added some USB sticks of friends of mine who happened to pass by here, and an entry for a Microsoft mouse from Timothy. I suppose that while usb.ids is not fixed in the original location, I can continue maintaining it for my systems at least, by changing the cron jobs’ path to fetch from (it’s also pretty much useless to download the same usb.ids every month).

So my copy of usb.ids is located at gone; if you want to add more devices to the list, feel free to mail me at with a diff -u, or simple the vendor and product ids of the device, and the complete naming of it.

I know the hardware from the MacBook Pro is missing, I’ll see to add those the next time I boot the laptop on Linux.

Update (2017-04-30): Supposedly the new USB ID Repository is made available by Stephen Gowdy, but I have not seen updates in a very long while.

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