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Downtime and new UPS

Sorry for the downtime guys, the update to baselayout 2 on Farragut wasn’t as easy as expected, I have some talk to do with Roy about it 😉

Now, this is probably going to be the fourth night I’m not gonna sleep well, today I had a support request to take care of in the afternoon and I was supposed to go out with a few friends tonight, but I was so tired that I started having fever, so I had to get a raincheck for that.

The good news is that I received the new UPS, an APC SmartUPS 1000VA, that seems to be able to take enterprise and farragut up for 1 hour and a quarter, which is quite good (the other UPS would take the monitors and the network equipment up for also an hour, which is not bad, and should cover most of short-time non-planned outages.

Unfortunately, if you have followed me for a while, you know there’s no flawless hardware acquisition for me; this time the problem comes from the software needed to control the two UPSes; please note that there are two.

First of all, when I started using an UPS, I used apcupsd but then I moved to nut because it had a decent graphical control software (knutclient); what was the problem with this? Well, nut was confused by the two UPSes, that being both APC, shares the same identical vendor and product ID for the USB device. So it was not a nice thing.

I’ve then decided to come back to apcupsd, but the latest version is not in portage (again) so I bumped it locally with the patch on Bugzilla, and added a gnome useflag for the graphical control utility that is now present. This version is important to me, not only because of the utility, but also because with this version is possible to choose the configuration file at runtime, as it’s not hardcoded during build.

This is also important because in previous versions the only way to have more than one UPS being monitored on the same box with apcupsd required to have two different builds on different places. What I want to do now is to rewrite the init script so that it is multiplexed (like rbot, mt-daapd, openvpn and so on), that way I can simply start two apcupsd instances to have all I need (note that one of them won’t be shutting off my box at all, as it would just keep monitoring the UPS that is actually connected to the monitors and networking.

Once Baselayout 2 is more functional on Farragut, I’ll probably move apcupsd instances there, and network it down here, it would be safer on the long run as enterprise might not be up when farragut is.

I still haven’t been able to finish working on rbot’s changes I need, sigh. And don’t get me started on xine-lib, I’m taking a few days off because what I found myself working on now is a veeery bad thing I’m afraid…. (bit per sample transcoding during output).

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