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Contributed code and FreeDesktop standard

Of course, this entry will talk about xine-lib.

First of all, a note about what I’m trying to do with contributed code in xine-lib for 1.2 series. As I said already, my ffmpeg_integration branch, which is one of the two branches I merged to get the 1.2 branch itself, was born to allow using FFmpeg without changing its buildsystem, and putting it in a contrib/ subdirectory instead of mixing it with xine sources.

Well, as I’ve now started working on providing also some Doxygen documentation, I’ve seen that this is useful also for other projects that are imported in xine-lib, so that I don’t have to blacklist one by one the directories and the files that are not to be parsed for Doxygen generation.

In xine-lib-1.2 hg tip you can now find libmpcdec (that replaced libmusepack) in contrib/libmpcdec/ rather than having it together xine’s actual code (the decoder plugin code) inside src/libmusepack/. I also updated it to the last version available.

Similarly I hope to move other code, like libmad and of course libdvdnav, that was recently taken over by MPlayer developers because of the unresponsiveness of the original development project.

It will take some time to complete all the moves, also because I’ll try to contextually update the code with the last version available for every project beside libmpeg2. This should be a breath of fresh air for xine 1.2.

Talking about FreeDesktop standards, as Darren already changed gxine to abide to XDG Base Directory Specification, he also added better FreeDesktop standard support in xine-lib for configuration and cache files. So right now I’m working on making xine-lib use XDG_CACHE_HOME to store the plugins cache instead of the hardcoded ~/.xine/catalog.cache, which also allows me to move more cache data out of my home directory 🙂

By the way, why one earth the description of the permissions to use while creating directory (that is actually a quite logic 0700) is written in the «Referencing this specification» section ?

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