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Music overdose?

Finally, yesterday I received the package from Amazon JP!

Let’s ignore the fact that on a €110 order I had to pay €41 for custom duties (oh well, the cost of a single CD I ordered in a shop around here I asked before was way higher anyway), and I’ll also try not to repeat too often the ridiculousness that DHL Express was able to ship the package in three days from Narita to Marcon (Venice) and then it took three more days to ship from there to my home (because last Saturday they didn’t deliver, and the package was received there just Friday evening); all things considered, four working days is not a bad delivery time.

Now as crazy as I am, I do like some Japanese music… I started loving L’Arc~en~Ciel music when I heard Driver’s High as opening for Great Teacher Onizuka anime. I was able to buy myself Awake some time ago, and yesterday I received ark in the special 15th anniversary edition, CD with DVD, so I was more than happy! 🙂

Now this doesn’t mean I passed the whole day listening to music, eh.. I was actually working for part of the time on finishing the details of my (now expired) job, then I took a shopping tour to a bookshop in Mestre, looking for something from Dario Fo (with scarce results, I was able only to find a single book of him), but of course this without forgetting working on xine; as I said, mercurial is something useful.

The 1.2 series, on which I’m focusing at the moment, is now spotting a cleaner support for packed attributes, and I’m working on adding Doxygen documentation to the code; currently I’m converting documentation in the buffer.h file, just because it’s the one I found most difficult to understand myself.

Unfortunately, emacs support for Doxygen seems to be pretty much non-existant, and even the doxymacs extension does a lousy job, as it fails to highlight the Doxygen comments properly. Add to that that emacs insists on putting two spaces in front of every line after an extern "C" { block (that has to stay there as it’s a public header, although nowadays I think it should be C++ code that should use extern "C" { before includes, rather than polluting the C header files), and you can see why I haven’t converted the whole xine-lib yet.

Unfortunately, I’m not yet sure on how many of the improvements I hoped for I’ll be able to implement in 1.2 series, considering that I’d hope for 1.2 to be released more or less with KDE4 release (before if possible, if not possible not too much afterward), as the 10MB improvement in memory usage is a killer feature.

I’m also trying now to handle a few things in a slightly different way, for instance I’ll be trying to move all of the contributed code in the contrib/ subdirectory, rather than having it scattered among xine proper sources. The problem is that having to deal with both build system and code changes makes quite more difficult to track down the changes, but this should not be a big problem on the long run.

And for who’s curious, yes, I also have an Amazon JP wishlist but it’s mostly for my own use, as the customs duties are a problem.

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  1. I have yet to see the GTO Anime, oddly enough. I have watch all of GTO Live Action except for the Movie.(If you weren’t aware, that’s the entire TV series, something like ~20 TV episodes, the Drama Special, and of course the aforementioned Movie I have not yet seen.)

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