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Conversion to Mercurial done

So, as of yesterday, thanks to Darren Salt and Reinhard Tartler, xine finally moved out of CVS dark age, and came into Mercurial’s territory.

As you can see on Debian’s Mercurial repositories page we have quite a few xine repositories: together with xine-lib, Darren also moved his gxine repositories so they are all together.

I’ve already started doing some little work, which shown a little bug on yesterday that was ignoring my commits; fortunately Micah corrected the problem right away.. thanks Micah! 🙂

One of the tasks I was able to take care of today was the update of the FFmpeg integration branch, that now is up to date with main xine-lib-1.1 branch. Unfortunately Binutils seems to have broken FFmpeg so I’m unable to finish building and thus checking if it actually works as intended.

Anyway, soon I’ll see to post more updates about it.

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