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The distributed nightmare has ended!

Okay, tonight just a quick post. First of all, totally unrelated with the title (okay still distributed stuff, but not a nightware), GIT was discarded as option for xine-lib’s future Version Control System, we instead decided to go with Mercurial because of its availability on a wider range of platforms (GIT is not officially supported on Solaris at least, and Cogito does not work at 100% on FreeBSD); I also cleared up my previous doubt about it, both speed and features of the two softwares seems to be at the same level, so portability has been the breaking requirement. Darren converted the CVS already, creating a bunch of repository (due to branching), and it also got support for the user ID to author name translation (which means you’ll see the commit coming from Diego ‘Flameeyes’ Pettenò rather than from an anonymous dgp85).

With reference to my distributed nightmare, instead, I want to thank Mike (vapier) a TON, his last version of nfs-utils (1.0.12-r2) finally fixes my problem with FreeBSD clients, so I upgraded Farragut (breaking ServoFlame in the mean time I’m afraid) and now I’m putting Prakesh back into shape so I can start playing with Tomcat again.

So I don’t have to get crazy with Coda, nor I have to buy a new box right now; I’ll eventually do it, as I start to feel this box is slow, but for now it’s fine as it is without more money to go away; this is good because I can then buy the new Yu-Gi-Oh game as soon as it’s released 😉

Anyway, tomorrow it’s working day again, so I should be sleeping, the DST switch threw me off, and I was awake all last night with the jigsaw my sister gave me… 121×80, 3000 pieces.

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