Another webcomic… and nostalgia

Not nostalgia of Gentoo this time. Today, while reading my daily Irregular Webcomic strip, I seen the link for The Noob… I followed it mostly because I like to inspect new webcomics from time to time, it’s something that relaxes me.

Well, I since read all of it… I loved it, as I’m an ex-Ultima OnLine junkie. Yes, I had this horrid secret kept in me… well not much of a secret, as you can easily see that I was for a while a member of NoX-Wizard development team (where I met Luxor and Kheru .. hi guys, I know you still read my blog 😉 ), and it’s easy to connect my current nick with the LordDGP that used to be the forum admin for, and Dragons’ Land.. and from that to GM Unicorn is an easy step.

I have to say that Ultima OnLine helped me a lot; Dragons’ Land was a family to me when I was a young nerd with no friends, was the first time I worked as a sysadmin (and a BOFH from time to time), and allowed me to start looking at Apache, MySQL, PHP and other stuff which now is daily bread to me.

I still got quite a few good friends that I met during those years (which are, for who’s curious, set about 7 years ago), and I have a lot of good memories… and it made me nostalgic, especially knowing that if it wasn’t for Dragons’ Land, I wouldn’t probably be here… in many ways.

When I started this blog entry, I was hoping to find some old fragment of memory from my backups, but unfortunately the most likely backup set carrying the data I need is compressed with xar (1.2) and the current version (1.4) doesn’t like to extract it. I’ll have to see if code for 1.2 is still around and if I can extract the data with that. Suits me well for trying an experimental new format rather than going with the old but gold tar.

This makes me wonder: do you guys usually try to consolidate backups? Taking very old backup CDs, copying all its content minus stuff like old programs you don’t need anymore, and then throwing away the old backup?