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A suggestion for mobile internet users

As I said, yesterday I had a planned downtime; during which I decided to check my mail quite a couple of times with the Gmail application on the phone. This was nice because for little traffic (seems like less than 100KB does it) I don’t pay the connection via UMTS.

The only thing I paid (€4 actually not bad anyway) was looking at the homepage of Repubblica (yes you can now guess my political side :P) to look at the news. Unfortunately the homepage is quite full of images, so it ended up loading 800KB of data.

Now, reading today the E-Series blog I’ve found another nice, free (as in beer) application that allows to get content on demand, without the images that makes the sites «beautiful» (and heavy to download) and with on-request download of the text too, so that I can for instance browse wikipedia without downloading all the text, if I only need to find the first definition of a term.

Pretty nice thing, that for what I can see I would suggest to other smartphones users.

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