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I’m tired of being insulted

I joined Gentoo about two years ago, initially to work on Gentoo/FreeBSD and multimedia (Sound and Video) stuff. With the time passing, I ended up helping with PAM herd (mostly because it was Martin alone, and I needed some changes handled because of Gentoo/FreeBSD), then KDE, and then in a various order media-tv, CJK, Ruby, the Gentoo/Alt leadership (basically the new Gentoo/Alt project), the forming of the ALSA team (me and phreak), and lately fonts team with the FreeType 2.22.3 bump and plans to stable.

I’ve been criticised a lot in the past, because of my suggestions about —as-needed, because of Gentoo/FreeBSD existence, because of a lot of things. Sometimes I could even find myself thinking with the point of view of who criticised me and seen that yeah there was space not to like my approaches. It’s point of view.

But one thing I thought I deserved was at least some respect, both as a human being, and as a contributor. I always tried to play safe, not to criticise projects ideas and behaviour based on who was the person behind them, but just for their own nature. And I only insulted when someone else started it – and most of the times, the only target was spb. If I felt like criticising, I usually tried to think about them and never ended up doing names to users in public, to avoid compromising other devs for things that might have just been a misunderstanding or a problem of point of view.

But with some people, you just can’t be good enough, and they end up insulting and being verbally abusive. One could hope that someone would take care of them, Gentoo has a Developers Relations team for that, no? Not always, not for everybody in the same measure. It’s human not to use the same measure with everybody and I’m not saying they have to, but at least they should be concerned about trying to be as impartial as they can for the role they cover, especially when they are told so explicitly.

I’ve been scolded in public before for being harsh with other devs; when I did, it was usually because of arguments that had no start and no end, or because that particular person already wasted my time before; I was usually sorry afterward and said so to the other person when I was a bit more calm. But I didn’t insult, the worse you can find is a threat (followed by no action) to beu to “make his life impossible” when he brought on XMMS again on gentoo-dev (I’d like to think that with beu we cleared this up already).

But now I reached the point where I have to stop: I got insulted for dropping a keyword while getting KDE 3.5.6 out of package.mask (keyword that caused a RDEPEND.bad for the missing keyword on, duh, kdelibs, just a smallish dependency for, err, KDE), and I’ve been insulted today because I dared to ask, as maintainer of KDE, to avoid ~arching an old version of kde-meta (3.5.5, that would have got the doom of being removed next month in theory), considering that it would have been about 300 ebuilds that should have been left in the tree for just one arch (considering that the same already applies to kde-3.5.5 (monolithic) ebuilds. For who’s wondering, it also meant having a depgraph with 300 packages that have mostly || ( ) deps over other kde packages (for deprange) and that are already slowing down depgraph generation time a fair share.

And for this reason, I’ve took my steps to retire, as it doesn’t seem like devrel would act on that in a short time: my email address on Bugzilla, on this blog, and on every service I can track down will be changed to, I’ve asked Steve to remove me from Planet and Universe, and from the aliases.

This post won’t appear on Planet, as I’ve been removed already. I’m writing it as an explanation for my users, for those readers I have, for why I decided to return on my steps, and leave Gentoo this time without letting anybody suggest me just to take a few weeks off. To users and to devs who think that I had a valid reason to leave but that the problem should have had a different solution, I then suggest to raise your concern: if people still accept silently that abusive behaviour passes unpunished, it will only get worse.

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  1. *sigh* Some people really don’t get this open source thing, the thing we do for free just becase we like to do it.Funny thing I never ever used Gentoo but your contributions to the whole Linux community helped me in many ways you already know.Anyway I hope everything goes ok for you, I for one appreciate your work.

  2. Hi, I’m subscribed to you feed for… don’t exactly remember the reason why, i don’t even use gentoo :)BTW i follow you posts regularly and it’s sad to read such news from you side. I know it’s not easy but just ignore the stupid insults and go on your way.My best wishes for whatever you’ll be up to 🙂

  3. I’ve never had anything to do with gentoo development, but I use alsa standalone and kde and probably other packages you’ve touched. So thanks a lot for your work!

  4. yeah, sad news indeed.btw what’s so wrong about doing Gentoo/FreeBSD ? what where the arguments against?btw if you mean that you were insulted by Ciaran … well, that’s the way he is. he did deserve for a ban on forums ;-)—————————————on a side note, i also get some flak once in a while for my bugs in bugzilla , even if i’m only a usersome time ago one dev called me a ricer and treated me like a fool, just because i was using beyond-sources and -msse3 cflag (my athlon64 supports that one, which i tried to explain) – the bug was : audacious would try to allocate insane amount of ram on startup, crashing instantly.he said i use an unstable kernel (well i didn’t argue with that) and use cflags i don’t know shit about, because the amd64 “obviously” does not have sse3.well, something along the lines. overall i got treated like a stupid punk, and i just got discouraged from reporting any bugs for a couple of months. (i reproduced the bug on stable kernel without -msse3, just to prove him wrong, though).i’m also get very frequently bashed for not providing emerge –info for the bugs that have nothing to do with that kind of information. (like incorrect RDEPEND lines, problems with the way certain ebuilds are written, etc).i’ve been messing with various distributions. gentoo has excellent user community, and kinda mediocre developer can expect other users to help you, but there are devs that will get on your nerves sooner or later.—————————————but that’s just my personal experience with (mostly) of luck in the future.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving, but I hope that you will enjoy whatever it is in the future that you decide to donate your time to.Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. “if people still accept silently that abusive behaviour passes unpunished, it will only get worse.”Sad but true. Maybe someone should write up something for the GWN about how inappropriate negativity and infighting is for OpenSource projects.thanks again for your work Diego!

  7. Diego, i’m really sorry to see you go, especially considering the circumstances.Thanks for all your work!

  8. > yoshi314 wrote:>on a side note, i also get some flak >once in a while for my bugs in bugzilla >, even if i’m only a userWhat do you call “flak”? There’re cases users insist on reporting “a bug”, while it simply isn’t (either at all or to the degree Gentoo provides support). There are of course also cases someone with the power to close your bug is wrong.When a developer should start an ad hominem attack against you, please contact the user relations team.@Diego: Chicken! – And yes, I understand you very well. 😉

  9. :=((( Sad to see you go, but I’m thinking of doing the same. Useless QA, vocal ciaranm-poisoned mips team that keeps annyoing people over and over again, devrel tolerating this bullshit over and over again, eh… really encouraging. :S

  10. Be sure to take the good with you, and not just the bad. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for the last couple years.

  11. You know, we talked about Debian and Gentoo flaming at work, and we think that someone holding a big stick, i.e. says if you don’t like it, then leave, but who everyone else nonetheless respects because he does stuff, is what’s needed to keep an Open Source project together. Maybe I’m wrong as I’m more of a user than anything. But the question is then, what’s next? I mean, if this is how Gentoo “collaborates” and is maintained, is FreeBSD or OpenBSD or another from source development like Slackware the place to be? I love it that I can easily write an ebuild for something like to install it, or get a new release of something like KDE if I desparately want it 2 days after it’s out. But I definitely don’t want to go back to the ./configure — all my options way of doing things. So What’s the best OS / Distro to use, that’s up to date and source based?

  12. Sorry to see you go, you were someone that inspired me about what is possible in the open-source community. Best of luck for the future.

  13. I’m sad to see you go. You are a great (!!) developer and have done awesome things in the Gentoo land.I hope you might find your way back to Gentoo one time…Best regards,-corsair@jakub: no, please don’t even think about leaving. Gentoo is doomed if the *master-of-bugzilla* retires ;-/

  14. Take care in the future with your upcoming projects. I’m sure to see you around in the opensource world in the future.Thanks for all your good work within Gentoo.

  15. Thank you for everything you have done improving Gentoo.It is sad to see the value of relations to the corridors of power appear in the bad light again, that is see a paralysed Developers Relations and Users Relations.Maybe something like randomly rotating devrel-members would help to avoid elitist behaviour and/or formation of groups…> if people still accept silently> that abusive behaviour passes> unpunished, it will only get worseNot only do we seem to share the same point of view on that issue in general, also did I think the same, hence my posts…Respectfully,expose

  16. My honour to you flameeyes:I have a dream that one day I will be able to file a bug without starting aflamewar of unprecedented length.I have a dream that one day I will be able to join #gentoo-dev without havingto fear being attacked without a specific reason.I have a dream that one day I will be able to submit proposals to developers ormailinglists without starting a religious war, a so-called debate onprinciples.I have a dream that one day this kind of useless discussions will not be publicanymore, not unsettling the users anymore.I have a dream that one day the majority of developers will not maintainsilence, if a single one is verbally slandered by others.I have a dream that one day the Gentoo Developer Relations project is able tocope with its task.I have a dream that one day the engagement of all who are developers just forfun is not dampened but strengthened.I have a dream that one day new and innovative projects are at leastconsidered, and given a fair chance.I’m very sad, that one of the most reasonable gentoo-devs is leaving…Make your way…dma147

  17. @corsair – tough; given the state of things, I’m getting more and more annoyed. There’s still lots of great devs on the project who are a pleasure to work with. OTOH, there’re couple of vocal folks on a minority arch with a weird idea of how things are supposed to work who have been annoying many maintainers for quite some time, have been annoying me and have been polluting air in general.We still are unable to deal with ciaranm ‘heritage’ properly; mips team consists mostly of either people being completely MIA or doing nothing there, and the rest of devs forming something like ciaranm’s fanclub – continuing all the trollish elitist nonsense agenda we all know very well from ciaranm’s days.Yet devrel is completely blind to this, QA plain doesn’t work and the only things being pushed via so called QA and its lead is paludis stuff.EAPI docs – last commit there about month ago; devmanual bugs rotting in bugzilla; QA violations breaking the tree are ignored (with hal vs. pciutils being the most recent example) – but of course dropping of keywords on a masked package version b/c of unkeyworded key dependency (the dependency tree breakage has been ignored by said arch team for months BTW) is a great reason to start a hunt after Flameeyes, which ultimately made him retire.

  18. Developer Relations isn’t paralyzed in the least bit and I did talk to Diego about this.But I refuse to let him blackmail me (he *demanded* that I retired another dev within a week or he’d leave) and I personally think he didn’t go about the discussion in a very productive manner in the first place. The key to solving this kind of problems are communication and discussion, not just making demands.And even if the other dev should be retired because of bad behaviour (I don’t really agree with that but lets pretend that’s true at least) we’d still have to go through the normal conflict resolution process as policy describes.Diego being a dev for 2 years and being a council member he should know that very well. Instead he opted to an attempt at blackmail (as I see it) that have absolutely no place in open source projects.All that said I think Diego did a lot of good work and I hope he’ll continue his work on all the other projects he’s involved in.Good luck in the future Diego.

  19. I am shocked, to see you leave, but reading the ridicolous followups on your bug and remembering a few glimpses of similar occurences makes me understand you very well.You put your heart and an insane amout of time into your work and it is truly sad to not be supported but instead even hindered in doing that. I’ve been there a few times myself and it just makes you want to scream.I hope you use that newfound time wisely i.e. to your full enjoyment.All the luck with whatever you will do now.I will greatly miss you

  20. I am just a Gentoo user but I can understand your problem. Although there are other things in theory, in practice the Gentoo structure is very simple, a few hundred Devs.This flat structure allowed Gentoo to get this far very fast, but it is very circular, and there can be problems with feedback.I have no solution, but it may end up that Gentoo really does become a meta-distribution – that is the end users will not interact with Gentoo directly but through intermediaries downstream.Maybe that is not a bad thing. If you compare the desktop you get from Ubuntu versus the default emerge gnome, the former is rather better as it has been thought about and user tested and so on.Of course, I do not do emerge gnome and leave it at that, but I wonder how many people do?So maybe you could create a KDE-based, FreeBSD system called “flameeyes” that is a downstream distribution of Gentoo. If you can figure out the package management then you could have a nice community of a few thousand users.

  21. @kloeri: Interesting view of the state of affairs. Maybe you should have dealt with that certain dev earlier, instead of letting him keep annoying someone who gets work done (as opposed to people that like to talk about getting work done; people that are writing funky tools for the sake of having funky tools; poeple that have their funky theoretical plans how to deal with issues but those plans miserably fail in practice and so things remain unsolved for years because the solution doesn’t fit those oh-so-much-important ‘principles’; people that pretend to work on things that never have had any visible result anywhere and likely won’t ever have one either.Maybe one day we will become productive and won’t continue the useless philosophical debates about issues that require a quick solution and which can be solved in minutes. Maybe one day -dev mailing won’t be a flamewars archive. Maybe one day we’ll have useful QA with a vision, instead of having a QA whose only visible results are pushing alternative package manager. Maybe one day we’ll have userrel that is able to protect developers against kicked out trolls that like to pulute the air just because they can. Maybe one day we’ll have a council that doesn’t invite people to submit issues only to refuse to deal with them when they actually do so. Maybe one day we’ll have someone with a vision, who will stop all this neverending discussion bullshit. Maybe one day we’ll have a sane policy on how much can $arch slack before becoming totally unsupported and before maintainers are free to drop their keywords as needed, instead of bloating the tree with outdated vulnerable crap, with ‘understaffed’ being a blanket excuse for anything. Maybe one day such arch will hear the voice of reason and move their stuff out of the main tree so that they can continue their work at a pace they can cope with at least.Maybe… sadly, not now – and I can’t see things getting changed anytime soon either. Unless they do change though, we’ll keep losing developers that are plain tired of people doing politics instead of development.

  22. Jakub, that won’t be before you stop your sad attacks against everyone with a different opinion than your own I’m afraid.

  23. Being annoyed of the situation, wanting a change and thus being upset is still better compared to just being simply annoyed/aggressive/upset/… for the sake of it.

  24. @kloeri- one suggestion, consider your own posting in light of his own stated views. Specifically “sad attacks against everyone with a different opinion”.It’s a bit hypocritical frankly, plus a bit daft; however jakub phrases the issues, the issues are *there* even if the best you can counter with is taking a poke at him, instead of the issues.

  25. No, everybody following #-dev knows that mips team definitely isn’t slacking lately. Eroyf is working around the clock trying to solve mips bugs and have been for quite a while.Repeatedly stating that mips team completely ignores bugs and that they’re all slackers is plain wrong and jakub should know that unless he’s as ignorant as I’m starting to believe he is.And I’ve asked him several times lately to stop fueling the flames and instead let us get much needed work done. But that seems to be too hard for jakub to do or maybe he’s just enjoying flaming others for the sake of it.

  26. I’m really sad to see you leave FlameEyes. Basically your posts are often what made Planet interesting stuff to read for me as they give me the feeling that I actually learn something about GNU/linux. This in contrast to many other blog-posts on Planet Gentoo. I hope that you will contribute soon to other projects.It’s just as sad to read here that also Jakub considers to quit Gentoo. For me as a user he is the person that is most visible at bugzilla trying to reduce the amount of duplicates and the like. I can only say that seeing the “sad-attack” of Kloeri here really makes clear to me how bad the state of Gentoo actually is.

  27. It’s really sad to see you leave and it concerns me as a gentoo user to see the direction this is taking in the last 6+ months. It’s really a shame.Wish you all the best!

  28. Diego, I will greatly miss your blog posts on Planet. They were by-far the most informative and enjoyable…I always looked forward to them.Please continue your great work, and good luck with your future ventures.Regards,W.

  29. It’s sad to see flameeyes go, especially with him being as open as he was (people always kinda had an idea what was going on which is good for users).What this thing shows is that there are a lot of problems lingering in gentoo-land that obviously are not being dealt with because of different reasons.It’s about time to get this resolved or gentoo is in danger to lose even more devs. Something none of us could want.The idea of projects sounds smart but maybe gentoo reached a point where things are not working that way anymore?

  30. @kloeri – why are you playing this personal, instead of addressing the issues at hand?- What exactly are the tangible results QA has achieved since Halcy0n has left? Uh, eh… pretty hard to recall if you ask me. The only time when QA gets amazingly active is when something gets incompatible with paludis. Pretty sure that’s just a coincidence… :P- What happened to the idea of status reports?- Why does devrel keep ignoring issues until things get that far as losing one of the key developers (*BSD, KDE, ALSA stuff, tons of other things, heck even a council member).- And why instead of thinking about what the hell went so terribly wrong and what we should try to prevent in future, you go accuse people of ‘blackmailing’ devrel? (You apparently don’t give a damn about geoman jumping on Flameeyes for zero valid reason, but you can’t stand people voicing their concerns about the state of QA, mips team etc.) What’s exactly your idea of devrel’s role? Playing a dead horse until things go out of control?- What’s the userrels idea of playing the ciaranm game? Let him attack everyone as he wishes? He got banned on the forums, so he moved his trolling to bugs.g.o. instead, that really rocks. Noone cares apparently.

  31. > Kloeri wrote:> Repeatedly stating that mips team completely ignores bugs and that they’re all slackers is plain wrongThat’d definitely not true. mips has a bad track record in this regard. It’s not about them being slackers, but either not having enough maintainers or having keyworded too much ebuilds. There’s no reason package maintainers should beg for arch teams to take action again and again. This wasn’t the first case, mips being the bottleneck, by far.And – I mean it’s mips – the number of Gentoo users who would miss KDE on this platform is probably 0.0001% or something like that, so I see no point not having KDE available on this particular architecture. Keep it to embedded and server software.Diego’s approach to drop keywords after getting no answer on his email was perfectly fine, _demanding_ another dev to be expelled is quite stupid and not acceptable, of course.It’s a pity we loose developers this way, but it’s indeed not really fun to work on Gentoo anymore.

  32. Carlo: Mips team used to have a bad track record for sure but that doesn’t really matter if they’re doing a good job now.Mips bugs have been fixed at a fairly high rate lately and claiming otherwise is just stupid and definitely won’t help things improve.jakub: I’m not trying to ignore issues at all or get personal. Indeed, I’ve asked you repeatedly to *stop* personal attacks when people are trying to fix the very issues you get so worked up about. Imagine how much more could be done if people could work on important issues instead of having to spend so much time defending themselves against your attacks.

  33. I’m going to ignore the flames going back and forth in the comments and just wish you good luck with your future endeavours. Even if it seemed like a thankless job for a long time, lots of us users really appreciated your work. Thanks for enduring for us as long as you did.

  34. Sorry to see you leave Diego, you will be missed. I haven’t had the time recently to keep up with all the politics, but you certainly contributed a great deal and I hope you stay in touch. Keep working on interesting stuff and don’t be a stranger!Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. Best wishes for whatever you end up doing.

  35. Kloeri, my point stands: if somebody is just insulting and voicing his feeling since “he is going to retire soon anyway” and a KEY developer asks you to retire him since he is on the retirement list, it isn’t blackmail it is just asking for action that is anyway slated.Maybe I could just attach the full log and you’ll tell me if twat or fuckhead are insults or not. You’ll have my bug about geoman vs flameeyes soon since I already tried to address the issue with the direct subjects and geoman kept considering his behaviour correct.

  36. sorry to see you go. i am only a user but i use many packages the you were involved in (alsa, kde etc) and enjoyed your blog entries. all the best for the future.

  37. lu_zero, calling somebody twat or dickhead isn’t nice but neither is it nice to demand that arch teams don’t keyword packages. What *should* have happened was that Diego should have told why he thought it was a bad idea to keyword kde-meta-3.5.5 instead of 3.5.6 and asked what the problem with 3.5.6 was so the real problem could get fixed. No shouting or calling each other dickheads would have been needed if that had happened.And even though geoman have stated several times that he’s going to retire at some point, he hasn’t actually said he wants to retire right now and policy forbids me to retire devs just like that.So yes, demanding me to do so against policy and telling me that otherwise you’re going to retire immediately is practically speaking blackmail. That’s something I can never allow but I did try to help in other ways.

  38. It’s been fun working with you, Diego. (See, I can say your name and it doesn’t hilight you incorrectly this time! :))I may have been the only person who actually enjoyed your puns, so I’m especially sad to see you go.Anytime something needs updating on the G/FBSD docs front, etc., feel free to drop by #-doc or bugzie and nudge me. :)Sorry that the bastards and pricks in Gentoo got to you so much and made your life miserable.Good luck to you wherever you’re off to next!

  39. Kloeri wrote: Mips bugs have been fixed at a fairly high rate lately and claiming otherwise is just stupid and definitely won’t help things improve.I didn’t claim anything, but stated the past experience, which lowers ones confidence in the future. If Mips maintenance is at a peak atm., because very few people invest the time, or really will get considerably better, is something that can be judged, when some steadyness is shown. Reality is that Diego got no reply on his email, that the whole KDE 3.5.6 subtree has been broken with respect to Mips, which matches past experiences.

  40. I’m just a user but I know you have done a ton of hard work and I really respect that.Personally I think you have been wronged. I also personally think such behavior against you should have had action firmly taken against it. This junk can’t be tolerated…I wish you the best sir.

  41. @kloeri -Yeah, geoman is even unable to get himself retired properly. Apparently it’s way more useful to lose key devs because of a noisy slacker, makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clarifying our policies.

  42. eroyf: why don’t you just address the issues I’ve raised above (like, comment 18, 21, 31) instead? This “cut the crap” is getting old; maybe you are just annoyed you cannot ban me here, huh? 😛

  43. [20:33] <dirtyepic> we lost diego?[20:33] <dirtyepic> shit.Shit indeed.Diego,From what I’ve observed, you’re a wonderfully talented person. I know Gentoo won’t be quite the same without you, but since Gentoo is the cause of so much stress and frustration for you, I really wish you the best. I know that whatever endevaour you choose to pursue after this, you’ll give it the same commitment and excellence as you’ve given to Gentoo.Deeply in your debt though you do not know me,/loki_valDenmark

  44. This is just getting pathetic, Gentoo needs direction and leadership, all it has at the moment is people with a severe lack of language and people skills running it.We are losing (and have lost many before this) one of the best developers Gentoo and indeed *any* open source project have seen because of a a few people and their wish to follow in the footsteps of a known and prolific troublemaker.Well done, i hope devrel and the council are happy.

  45. That came from another well known troublemaker who ended up by leaving Gentoo the exact same way as said troublemaker did.

  46. We will really miss you Diego.And I am very sad to get the impression that the ship Gentoo is sinking before my eyes on your blog.Direction is needed indeed. An “opiniatedperson” is needed at the helm – I would suggest Diego but if he losing is health on Gentoo now, he would die at the helm.

  47. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do Diego! Your a very talented individual and wish you the best of luck.About the only reason I ever read Gentoo Planet was to read your blog. Guess probably won’t be coming here as much now.

  48. Diego,As many others I thank you for your contributions in the previous years and wish you the best. If there’s anything I’d like to emphasize is the following couple of points that others have made; as things that are perceived by a number of people, I think perhaps they are in some degree indicative of things you may want to focus in the future:* There is no better solution to human conflicts than communication. I’ll leave it at that.* Something I remember my father telling me when I was a child comes to mind frequently when I see incidents like this: the world doesn’t revolve around you, no matter how hard you want it sometimes. This is particularly true when you think (or know for certain) you have been treated unfairly by someone. At those times it’s when the character should be forged stronger than ever and motivate you to keep going forward, instead of feeling depressed and saying “I quit”.This last point reminds me of one other thing: a song called “The Grudge”, if you ever feel bored and want to look it up I highly recommend you do (it’s a great song after all). The lyrics basically talk about how holding grudges may give you a feeling of power, a sense of being right and entitled to something, but if you hold too strongly to that, it will make you sink, instead of letting you grow as a person, learn, love and evolve. When you feel more calm, try to make a conscious effort to let things go.Finally, and for comic relief, dedicated to all those who have been talking about the problem of dealing with people with different opinions, do I have a comic for you 🙂 (particularly the last panel):

  49. This whole thing sucks. Diego, I wish I could, but I can’t say you did the wrong thing. Thanks for the work you did, thanks for being realistic and leaving AMD64 when you knew you wouldn’t find enough time for it anymore. I loved to find a person that doesn’t care about anything else then getting stuff fixed and making Gentoo a better distribution, even if it meant to be criticised. I’m sad to see you leave. Best wishes for your future.

  50. Eroyf, instead of attacking me, try and refute some of the points i have made… that is after you have refuted the ones jakub made of course.

  51. eroyf: the difference between eroyf and ciaran is that ciaran got to insult all developerse for a few months before he was finally removed, cokehabit insulted one person before he was removed. Can we say that the userrel is doing a better job of keeping track of their members than devrel?

  52. I as a user will miss you, and wish you weren’t going.After reading this I’m starting to wish for a gentoo fork that brings the good devs on, and leaves politics out. I wish for a benevolent dictator because whenever you have democracy, this kind of stuff happens. Perhaps, Diego you can have an overlay. I’d use it. keep up the good work on amarok.If the kde herd was hurting 2-ish weeks ago it will really be hurting now.Good Luck.sincerely,Caleb Cushing

  53. All the best wishes, Diego. I want to thank you for all the valuable work you have done for Gentoo.

  54. I always found something interesting to read here, hopefully that will continue. :)Enjoy whatever task you pick up next.

  55. I wish I knew what the history with ciaranm was… is there a ciaranm FAQ somewhere?

  56. First of all:I absolutely understand and support your decision. (I being just another user that might not be worth much, but anyway)I’ve enjoyed the work you’ve done, and like so many others I’ve been a regular reader of your blog. You were one of the few truly visible Gentoo Developers.I wish you good luck with the new direction you’ll take, and I’m convinced that you’ll create just as good works with future projects. Be assured, I’ll buy you a beer if you visit Norway =)

  57. Both sad and disgusted to see yet another dev feel like the only way to deal with Gentoo is to walk away :(Diego – you made a huge difference to Gentoo during your time there, and it was a pleasure to have worked with you on Gentoo.Best regards,Stu

  58. This will drown in the noise, I’m sure, but I also want to say that I’m sorry to see you leave. I don’t know the full background so I’ll refrain from commenting…Like others here, I’m only a user but I want to show my appreciation to a (former) developer who actually got things done.I sometimes think that Gentoo has more policys and procedures than I have at work. And because I work with regulatory affairs in the chemical industry, that’s saying quite a lot.This is supposed to be open source and not a bloody company and until the powers that be realise this, it will only get worse.

  59. I don’t really know what to say after all that but I just want you to know you have my support too. I’m sure you’ll continue to do great things. Thanks man.

  60. Hi Diego,I’m really sad to see you go. I really hope that the reason to leave is that you like to do other things or don’t have the time anymore. If the reason is the comments some people make in a bugreport/mailinglist then think about the fact that they are outnumbered 1 to 1 million. Your work and everything around is is _really_ appreciated by _a lot_ of people.Anyway; whatever you decide to do in the future I want to thank you for all the things you have done and wish you everything you want in your life.

  61. DevRel is indeed slow in retiring developers. I asked to be retired back on December 3rd, and I can still log into woodpecker today (Bug #122588).

  62. Hi Diego,I’m very sad about your retirement. You were one of the very rare devs, who made me think about Gentoo not being in pure stagnation.And to all those schnook who caused Diego to retire: screw you!!! You are the reason of Gentoo stagnating more and more!

  63. I’m bummed to see you go. I’ve always enjoyed reading your perspective at planet, and I thank you for all your hard work! Hopefully things will change and Gentoo will stop losing its best devs.

  64. I am sorry you left gentoo project :-(There are many many people that will miss you 🙁 I think that you shouldn’t left gentoo project because ciaran is a big mouth, but it is your decission :-/Good luck

  65. I just found out you left gentoo. I’m very, very sad to see you go. You were the only gentoo dev I have ever had a “good talk” with.My respect goes to all things you did, to all helping hands you lend, to all hours you “wasted”, to all good ideas you had … for us gentoo users.Diego, I will definitely miss you on Gentoo!

  66. I am a Gentoo user. It’s really sad to see you going. Gentoo, and the whole OSS community, needs devels like you.I hope you can free your mind and leave behind all the stupid flames you were involved in, and maybe later, if and when you feel comfortable, you may think about joining back. :)I wish you all the best. I’m sure you won’t waste your talent, and you will soon help us in some new way.

  67. Ah yes. With dev relations like this, is it any wonder why user relations is so ass-tastic for Gentoo as well?

  68. The solution to all of that is rather easy: just look at how successful companies work, how they evaluate their workers and so on. There is a rather objective measure of skills and performance, and there is a measure for their ability to communicate. Take both together and you should be mostly done.

  69. Hi,I just wanted to share some gratitude for all the work done.I remember (long time now) you helping me out on #gentoo.Thanks again and againbtw, a very good video conference from google engineers about ‘Howto keep poisonous people out of your Open project’. I’m sure you will see some of your past human experience…keep safe

  70. Hey man, I just heard about this about an hour ago (I have been out of my habit of obsessively following my favorite distribution). When I heard I was rather shocked. Your influence on the gentoo project was immense; you were one of maybe 3 devs whose names I could remember. Any of the ebuilds I monkeyed around with at any point were probably from you. I really was overcome with fear for gentoo’s future when I heard. People suck; it is really a shame that people couldn’t give you guys the respect you deserve for delivering the best distro out there.

  71. gentoo has serious personnel problems.Since you problems are mostly centered around ebuilds lets think about a new distro based say around Paludis?gentoo needs a fork and for its own good…dont leave..create something new.I absolutely refuse to contribute to gentoo after the way was treated by freenode/gentoo developers irc.And we know who they are dont we? Its the same hierarchy with their same old power games.NEW DISTRO LETS DO IT!

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