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ALSA improvements part 3

Last night I committed a new revision for alsa-utils too, 1.0.14_rc2-r1, that installs a new init.d script. This version is fixing two bugs that were outstanding in ALSA’s bug list: the unload of modules that are not part of ALSA suite but that hooks into ALSA itself (like TV or DVB cards), and the saving and restoring of OSS configuration files. This one is a bug as old as 110000 series!

For your pleasure, there will be a new version bump later today or tomorrow, as there is at least one other bug that I didn’t have time to address yesterday. Hopefully once the init script is clean there won’t be need for more bumps for a while.

The list of ALSA bugs is now down to 8, which is a decent number considering that last week it was about 24. There still are TODOs that I might open a bug for, just to be able to track it down, like the init.d script needed for ld10k1, and there is the need for an easy way to handle ALSA bumps, a way to fetch the supported drivers values from the alsa-driver package (there’s already a way to get the description, as I wrote a gawk script for that when I first added ALSA_CARDS USE expansion in alsa-driver).

One of the important changes with this new init.d file is that the location to store the state of ALSA mixers is no more the default /etc/asound.state, but has been moved into /var/lib/alsa. I’ve done this because it’s a proper location for a subsystem’s state, more proper than /etc that should contain configuration files instead, and because to save OSS configuration files I need to use more than just one file, or otherwise I should also be writing a tool to save them in a structured file. As I don’t want to add more code to ALSA subsystem, I’ve decided to use a directory, and /var/lib/alsa will then contain all of the state, rather than just part of it.

I also have to update the ALSA maintainer’s guide, with the recent changes, luckily at least the ALSA’s user guide is now referring to eselect timidity and I can almost finally declare timidity-update dead.

Has anyone any pointer about building models of wooden ships? I need a new hobby to relax myself :/

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