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PSU upgrades

Do any of you remember when I wrote about the fan making noise on Enterprise? And me changing the CPU cooler hoping that was the fan making noise? And me saying that the bet was misplaced, and then I would have bet on the PSU? This time the bet was placed good.

Today I received the order from K&M (this time all sent in a week, without the problems I got the time before this, when I ordered in the middle of the VAT changes in Germany), with the new be quiet PSU (the previous one was of a Tecnoware brand, not sure if that is actually a brand or just shit. Nice presentation, the box was quite intriguing, the PSU itself was plenty of connections (this time I didn’t need the SATA power converter, as the PSU comes with eight SATA connections, nice because I do actually have space for so many disks here, although I’d need to remove the controller from Klothos to actually be able to connect 8 SATA disk. Let alone being able to buy them 😉 ), and as soon as I replaced it I was able to hear the difference: the noise was gone! Enterprise is really silent this time.

The old PSU, even if having this nasty vibration that was made annoying by the plexiglas side of the Chassis, was still good, so I decided to put some downtime on Farragut to get a look if it was worth swapping its PSU with the one I just removed. Good call, the old PSU was boiling after about 90 days of uptime, and smelled bad. I replaced it, and now the only noise coming from Farragut is the CPU fan (that is from a side a bit more annoying than before, because it’s an higher tone, but this might also be because I haven’t put Klothos over it yet. Of course this will also have to undergo my mother’s noise-o-meter, so if you find Farragut down tomorrow it will be because I’m swapping the PSU back again, the problem will be to buy a new one, as the old one is unlikely to last till next summer. Sometimes I’d wish having farragut and prakesh as rack units. An alternative would be to pay for a dedicated box somewhere, where I could install Gentoo/FreeBSD and manage it as I need, but I don’t think it’s a good idea, not yet at least.

Anyway, this need to stop Farragut and start it back again gave me some interesting thoughts that I need to enact soon: I should make a live SVN ebuild for rbot (as upstream suggests most of the time to just fetch SVN, kinda like Amarok), masked as usual, and then write an init.d (multiple-init capable, like openvpn and mtdaapd) so that you can just start one or more rbots through baselayout. I’ll have to flesh out a few details for that but it should be feasible.

And for who’s wondering, yes I’m still working on Rust, but that happens mostly while I wait for the MacBookPro to rebuild the whole toolchain for my job.

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