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Rust is almost ready

Okay, so today I restarted eating almost normally, I probably got the flu that seems to have voyaged through Europe in the last days, listening to what a few people already told me. I wasn’t sure if I could sustain my usual workflow today though, because I was still missing force due to the two days I passed without eating at all, so I sent the day working half time on job stuff and half time on Rust. This latter one came almost to completion in the mean time.

if you forgot about it, Rust is my bindings generator for Ruby, evolution of the bindings generator I used for RubyTag++ and Ruby-Hunspell up to now, that allows you to generate a working Ruby extension binding a C++ library by just describing its interface. While the original bindings generator used a YAML description of the interface, his wasn’t as extensible as I needed, so this time it is using Ruby itself, kinda like ActiveRecord and rails. I’ll show you all the syntax tomorrow when I upload the code, as I’ll need to write some documentation for it anyway.

So what it is working in Rust and what will still require work? First of all, Rust is now up to the same level my previous generator was, which means it’s far from being complete as I want it to be (the target is to be able to write just as easily bindings for C libraries that use OOP interfaces, like Avahi PulseAudio or xine), but it is important to me that it reached this point because this way I won’t have to maintain both Rust and my other generator, and I can test its working state by using Ruby-Hunspell and RubyTag++ as regression tests until I finish the regression tests themselves (I only wrote two up to now).

I’ve now asked hosting on Rubyforge, if all goes well in the next few days I’ll put up a draft of a site on there, and then start pushing my changes to the GIT repository there (sshfusefs is quite slow, but it works nicely for what I need to do). I’ll need a logo as most of the Ruby projects have an appealing one; if anybody have an idea or a proposal, it is welcome, my graphics skills don’t exist at all).

Hopefully, it will be possible through Rust to have bindings for the libraries I named above without too much work. I still wonder if it makes sense to have them as separate projects (as Ruby-Hunspell currently is), or if it would be simpler to leave them all live under Rust itself; but for that there will be time to decide.

For tonight, I can feel happy, and work on a few more testcases. I’d like to be able to watch some Anime too, but this depends on a series of factors, like in which bed I’ll sleep, tonight (while I wasn’t feeling well I took possess of my mother’s bed as it is more stable than mine, and I had enough nausea without adding the mattress deforming every time I moved, and here I don’t have a power socket to connect the laptop to while I watch Anime).

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