FreeType needed love, I gave it to it

I know, the title sounds both dirty and lame today, but I can’t get anything better right now…

So, ten days ago I got reported a high memory consumption bug in KPDF, where opening some PDF could cause at least up to 700MB of memory being used by the kpdf process, this time unrelated to the Poppler patch, but related instead to the FreeType version: in Gentoo we were still stuck with the 2.1 version, even for ~arch tree. The “new” 2.2 version was under package.mask for more than six months now, and foser isn’t around (as usual?).

Most of the packages in the tree, also, were already fixed for FreeType 2.2, at least I’ve been using it for all this time without having a single failure. The older versions of Qt and KDE that failed with that version of FreeType are now fixed, so that is no more a problem.

As the bug above isn’t exactly something you wish to get on a stable system, I’d be for marking this stable as soon as possible, to the limit of possibilities. So I’d really like if as many users as possible will start testing freetype 2.3.1 on stable systems (which aren’t mission critical of course, as I cannot guarantee it will be totally flawless).

I’ll probably try to do some of the work myself using a chroot on pitr, but I’m currently fighting with some packages for my work, and I’m taking care of already too many things, so please, all help is welcome!