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A new step forward for XCB

If you remember, I always considered libxcb a good idea, especially considering the size of the symbols exported by libX11 and thus the time needed for the binding of those. I spent some days to make libxcb working on FreeBSD, and the result was pleasant after that; I’ve been using libX11 as a compatibility layer to XCB for a while now, and beside Java not working, nothing had problems up to now.

And now, thanks to Christoph & Christophe (Pfister and Thommeret), there’s another step forward for XCB support: there are now two more output plugins for xine: xcbxv and xcbxshm, that provides the same output of XV and XShm, but with XCB instead of X11. They are not yet merged into xine-lib, but I’ll probably commit them in the next days; in the mean time I’m testing them locally.

What is so important about this? Well, first of all next version of Kaffeine, 0.8.4, will require xcb, and the reason for this is that finally the KPart support can be used safely, without everything breaking loose when you close Konqueror, for instance.

I’m quite happy with this, but I’m not going to commit it just yet; tomorrow I’ll probably see to put it in my overlay instead, that would be a start for the testing.

Thanks Christop{,e}s for this! 🙂

Edit: I’ve just committed the ebuilds for patched xine-lib and patched Kaffeine in my overlay, that is available through GIT.

Please give it some test, and report to [omissis] if you have troubles with that; if nobody reports problems, I’ll probably try to commit those two to portage under package.mask, and see what happens there.

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