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Darn my (miss of) luck

Okay, seems like my order at Crucial had expired because of problems with my credit/charge card.. nothing strange, it happened more than a couple of times in the past, especially lately. The customer care actually answered me quite quickly, and told me to place the order again, giving me also the part numbers that were in the order.

So I go to the site, insert the part number for the Kyocera memory, put it in the shopping basked, and then insert the part number for my motherboard’s memory… it’s out of stock!

So I’ve now ordered only the memory for the printer, that it’s just to make my mother shut up about the printer not printing what she wants to print, that added to the memory I bought for her iBook (as he was complaining it was slow to come back to sleep with 10 Safari windows and an history that probably consumed a few hundreds of memory), covers only my mother’s needs.

I can kiss my hopes to get stuff compiled sooner goodbye.

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