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Again on Textile and Java

Okay, you might have or might not have read my entry about textile4j, but let’s continue the discussion wher I left that one.

I got an answer from David Czarnecki, who confirmed that textile4j is unmaintained software, and that I wuld probably be better with anothe implementation like jtextile, which seem to be a little more promising than textile4j, but still not enough I’m afraid.

First, the development blog stopped at march of last year, which is not a good sign on its own, but also the test applet to try it on the fly is not available anymore either.

Even if jtextile supported enough of the syntax I do use, it’s still not easy for me to move to blojsom just yet, as I’d need a new Textile plugin for it… and that means getting my hands dirt enough with Java to remember how to code well on it. I don’t think I have that much time right now (mind you, I came back from my break already and you can see that as I’ve started cleaning up a few packages).

So, if you got some free time to spend on Free Software projects, you know Java and JSP, and feel like helping me out, I’d be very happy to get a jtextile-based plugin for blojsom to test my blog with 🙂

As an alternative you might also consider helping me by writing a plugin, again for blojsom, to enable the same expansion o <pre> tags as Typo has, that would make my transition very very smooth.

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  1. Hiya, I’m one of the developers behind JTextile.You’re right about the blog – JTextile is no longer under active development. It reached our needs and stopped there (much like textile4j).The test site is down because about the Tomcat installation on my server keep breaking and I just haven’t got around to fixing it. I can promise you it does work though ;)I can tell you that JTextile does support the <notextile> markup but I wouldn’t make any promises about the rest of it. I did start to move it to sourceforge a few months ago but never finished. I’ll try and complete that move and get the test version up and running again. Feel free to email me with a followup.

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