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Let’s talk about textile4j

Okay, now that I feel somehow better (although I’ve accepted the fact that I need a new armchair on my «home office» as the one I got forces me in a position that does not really allow me to feel better when I have gastritis – which is often enough to become a problem to me), and as Caster asked me about this, I’ll try to give a status update of my transition to the new blog.

First of all, I’ve been experimenting with the per-category feeds, and they work quite fine, they are just not exposed by default, so I’ll have to modify the template to show them, no big deal; I’ll have to fiddle a bit as there’s only one category per blog post, and there isn’t really a per-tag page (which strangely enough is what Google seems to find most of the time, I suppose because those pages are around a specific topic most of the time), but even that is not a big problem, so I can just accept that easily.

My showstopper right now is textile4j, the Textile Java implementation used by blojsome to do the textile parsing. It seems like the package does not support some of the newer syntax, like the <notextile> tag (which seems to be otherwise provided by “”*bold*”” — but doesn’t work either). Unfortunately as far as I can see, the project is dead upstream.

As I’m not that good with Java (okay, I admit, maybe I know the language well enough to hack at textile4j to get what I need, but that would really consume my time quite a bit), I’ll try another way to get a decently working implementation of it… that way is you!

So, I’m sure there are between my readers some people that are good with Java, and that might just have enough time to take a look to textile4j, clean it up and make it support Textile2 syntax.. It would be really nice if this package could be taken care of again, development resumed so that JSP-based software can actually make use of Textile syntax easily (I know this vision is not shared by so many people, but I like textile better than HTML).

Maybe I should get to try putting this on the Unmaintained Free Software wiki, if nobody answer to it here 🙂

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